Last Modified On:January 29, 2009 4 AM


Past work experiences

These basically include any companies I have worked for that have web sites and are not defunct
  • Net-Print Server- A project I finished up over a summer and subsequent semester during my undergrad years. It has since been given a spanking new look and feel, but the functionality appears to be basically the same :)
  • Mike Hojonowski- The guy who gave me my start as professional software developer.
  • State Farm- Installed a Quintus customer care center in Bloomington, IL.
  • Madison Square Garden- Worked with Micros and Ibertech to pilot Touch Screen Registers at the concessions stands. A follow up project installed the Ibertech solution.
  • HeroCard- Helped them to revamp their site, adding functionality as well as a new look and feel.
  • iCollector- Installed and extensively customized the LiveExchange auction engine.
  • Ann Taylor- Created an Intranet for efficient document distribution.